Making the Change to an Online Workflow

Your business is growing and as a part of the key management and operations team, you realize the inefficiency paper forms have on employee productivity. The old maxim that ‘we’ve been using this routine for years’ no longer makes sense with the fast-paced economy and growing competition. Changing your business operating workflow to an online platform will increase your business productivity, will streamline all employees to a common workflow, and protect the integrity of customer and business data.

What is an Online Workflow

An online workflow can make your entire business more efficient. Standardizing employee workflow and creating a collaborative business model where everyone is entering the correctly formatted information in the same online database following a standard pattern or set of rules. When you put your workflow online, work tasks from one department can be automatically passed to subsequent departments (with approved viewing and editing permissions) for approval. This type of checks and balances keeps critical personnel up-to-date with the latest data circulating throughout the office.

Taking your workflow online and away from manual processes will give your team an edge over the competition. Processes such as email sign-offs, travel approvals, service orders, payroll, customer data, and any other manual information required to do businesses can be created as an online workflow. Stop accepting manual forms and business documentation as a way of doing business. Transferring your manual business forms into an online (or digital) workflow has many benefits for your business processes.

10 Reasons to Consider Online Workflows

Implementing an online workflow will also cause a business to take a keen look at how they operate. This is the time to streamline processes and solve problems of business bottlenecks while gaining the opportunities to gather and use customer, employee, and business data in new ways. No company is too small to switch to online business workflows.

  1. Better Employee Productivity
  2. Automated Data Maintenance
  3. Increased Data Integrity
  4. Less Customer Delay
  5. A Single Version of Forms
  6. Sharing Data Between Departments
  7. Less Data Error
  8. Electronic Audit Trail
  9. Reduction of Lost Information
  10. Higher Employee Morale

Making the Change to Online Workflow

Cumbersome and complicated database options are available for managing workflow online. Choosing a simple platform, that is highly customizable, with a short learning curve and all the features necessary to bring your business work processes online is the best solution. Other web-based solutions can be integrated to completely transform your office into a non-manual office. Also, consider the saving in office supplies and waste collection from the office documentation that is stored onsite and eventually destroyed.