Human-Computer Interaction Helps Creating Better UI Design

Creating a website with great UX is very important, and do not worry if you are not that skilled when it comes to designing the perfect interface. There are many sites today that offers to help, and many of them offers conversion optimisation services that you will surely need.

Before we had laptops, Smartphone, and their mobile apps, before the creation of GUIs (graphic user interface), search engines and browsers; before UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design came to surface, all we had was the human-computer interaction or HCI. This was a study that will show the ways that humans can interact with the technology.

To create a better UX you need to know the past of HCI

Just like today’s design thinking, the human-computer interaction is focused on the user; how do users behave and how they interact with the technology, together with what their goals and needs are. This is the discipline that first started focusing on creating attractive UI and UX designs, and here you will have the look at how everything started.

The evolution of HCI

Way back in the 70s, we had computers with text-only commands and a ton of annoying interfaces that were randomly popping up. This is something that became very confusing to many users. The ‘user crisis’ happened as the computers became known and spread everywhere but they were only virtually un-navigable by the non-engineers.

Because of this, the programmers had a difficult task in front of them: How can we make the computers easier to interact with? A new version for technology was created, to empower the users while being able to see how they think and what they search for.


In the 80s, the HCI was a bit narrower; however, the evolutionary discipline was slowly surfacing.  This is when the focus shifted its way to productivity; creating new programs for the PC that are easier to use. The true beginning of HCI was with the appearance of computer graphics and the visual desktop with a variety of icons and different ways to organize its files and folders.

Old PCs were much more confusing

However, the desktop was not always as easy to use as it is today. Before, it was very limited, and it was quite difficult to use. In the 90s, with the rise of the internet the desktop’s job was taken over, as it was a much easier way for people to find what they are looking for.

After internet surfaced, computers were used for a variety of tasks other than what they were initially made for; email, website browsing, chats, uploading pictures… etc. Because of this, programmers realized that what they had to design and make approachable was the online interface, and not the desktop.

Fast-forward to today

After all that, software, hardware and the interaction with computers began to evolve constantly, which is why HCI is seen as the most important for the UI designers and engineers who want to make their websites were known and popular.

But there are many who still want to know the ‘Why’ behind the ‘How’ of the designs they made for the interfaces. There is a simple answer to that ‘Why’, and it states: To create interfaces in a manner that is easy to use and easy to learn.

Final word

This is how everything began, and comparing that to today, we have it much easier. It is not that difficult to create a good UI and UX, but you will need practice. Those who do not have the time to learn such things and just want to get things done, you should just visit Polished Pixels website now.