How To Solve The Problem Of Android File Transfer?

Transferring files from your Android devices can be a nuisance as the app that the company has made. It is a concern for most people who have been using devices from both Android and iOS over a period of time. There is no fix for the existing app but what people can do is definitely use SyncMate to solve their problems regarding file transfer from an android devise.

What is SyncMate?

SyncMate is a data transfer app that can be used between Android and Mac devices to make it smoother for people. SyncMate can fix Android file transfer for anyone who has been dealing with the problems. Often times other applications aren’t smooth and they often lack features.

The importance of SyncMate:

  • It is very easy to access and once you have it on your device you can easily transfer the files that you want to with the help of SyncMate.
  • The software is so efficient that it will allow you to copy and transfer several files at a time. This saves time as no one wants to transfer files one by one.
  • You can easily sync your calendar and contacts between your devices. This saves time and keeps you up to date about your events and the people you know. The feature is great for people who like to carry fewer devices at a time.
  • If you like iTunes and want it to be a part of your Android device then SyncMate will help you save the playlists on your Android phone and you can enjoy the music just the same.
  • You can also set up Automatic Sync between your devices which will make your life easier and uncomplicated. SyncMate is also able to run in the background making it user friendly.

We hope that your question of how to fix Android file transfer has been solved and you will be able to use the software for your need. SyncMate is a wireless function so you wouldn’t need to keep a data cable with you always. The file transfer will be smooth and effortless for anyone who uses it.

Android isn’t keen on updating their Android File Transfer app, so SyncMate is the best hope you have got to transfer your files among your devices and the software can work with multiple devices at a time which remains a huge plus point of user-friendliness.